10 Best Gift Ideas For 6 Year Old Daughter

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When it’s time to find the perfect gift for your favorite 6 year old princess, it’s impossible to imagine where to start. Here is a young lady in the prime of her sweet youth, ready to take on the responsibility of helping in the kitchen, scrawling or painting mightily at her play station, or building a palatial mansion for Barbie from the ground up with Lego.

Your 6 year old is unique, working on independence, and she is creative. And yes, she loves Star Wars too! She wants to be the power woman that moves with the force and establishes success for The Resistance. All of these ideas can be mind-boggling when it comes to gift giving. To help in that process, we’ve rounded up the 10 best gift ideas for your 6 year old daughter.

1. Doll House

Every little girl loves to play house and live in the land of make believe. She is already dreaming of her wedding and dream home. Today’s 6-year-old wants to play in her doll house just like yesterday’s did. A doll house is a fail safe gift.

2. Play Gardens
Many little girls like to help mama outside in the summer. A play garden that is make believe, or miniature pots that will get her started are a lot of fun. She can take them with Mom when it’s time to go out and do some weeding.

3. Fairy Gardens

Fair gardens are all the rage. You can even plant them outside and leave a place in the garden for fairies. Who doesn’t love fairies?

4.  Rock Star Games, Apps, And Toys

Many little girls today dream of having their names in lights. Rock star toys from lego rock stars to microphones to a karaoke machine will be appreciated by your budding starlet.

5. Grownup Dolls

Barbies aren’t what they used to be. Today’s six year olds are growing up much faster than those in days of yore. Today’s young ladies are brighter and more progressive, and don’t always want to follow a traditional path.  Many dolls today help a little girl think about those dreams, and what she wants to be when she grows up.

6. Make Your Own Books Kits

Perhaps your princess is a budding author? Imagine her sense of independence and confidence after she writes, illustrates, and receives her first published book in the mail. There are many make your own book kits available today.

7. Makeup Labs

Everyone knows a little girl that loves to play with makeup. Some fun nail polish or intro makeup kits are always a lot of fun. Some labs are available today that help little girls make their own!
8.  Science Equipment
Maybe it’s time she started practicing her skills in medicine? If she is fascinated with the field of health care, it could be time for her first stethoscope, where she can hear her own heartbeat, and yours!

9.  Anything Elsa

The Frozen franchise is not going to Let It Go anytime soon. Any merchandise of the Frozen franchise is going to be loved by most young ladies. A 10 best gift ideas for your six-year-old daughter would not be complete without this.

10.  A Princess Castle!

There are few young ladies who wouldn’t be thrilled to have her own castle to retire to when the 6-year-old life gets rough.

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