10 Best Gift Ideas For 6 Year Old Daughter

When it’s time to find the perfect gift for your favorite 6 year old princess, it’s impossible to imagine where to start. Here is a young lady in the prime of her sweet youth, ready to take on the responsibility of helping in the kitchen, scrawling or painting mightily at her play station, or building a palatial mansion for Barbie from the ground up with Lego.

Your 6 year old is unique, working on independence, and she is creative. And yes, she loves Star Wars too! She wants to be the power woman that moves with the force and establishes success for The Resistance. All of these ideas can be mind-boggling when it comes to gift giving. To help in that process, we’ve rounded up the 10 best gift ideas for your 6 year old daughter.

1. Doll House

Every little girl loves to play house and live in the land of make believe. She is already dreaming of her wedding and dream home. Today’s 6-year-old wants to play in her doll house just like yesterday’s did. A doll house is a fail safe gift.

2. Play Gardens
Many little girls like to help mama outside in the summer. A play garden that is make believe, or miniature pots that will get her started are a lot of fun. She can take them with Mom when it’s time to go out and do some weeding.

3. Fairy Gardens

Fair gardens are all the rage. You can even plant them outside and leave a place in the garden for fairies. Who doesn’t love fairies?

4.  Rock Star Games, Apps, And Toys

Many little girls today dream of having their names in lights. Rock star toys from lego rock stars to microphones to a karaoke machine will be appreciated by your budding starlet.

5. Grownup Dolls

Barbies aren’t what they used to be. Today’s six year olds are growing up much faster than those in days of yore. Today’s young ladies are brighter and more progressive, and don’t always want to follow a traditional path.  Many dolls today help a little girl think about those dreams, and what she wants to be when she grows up.

6. Make Your Own Books Kits

Perhaps your princess is a budding author? Imagine her sense of independence and confidence after she writes, illustrates, and receives her first published book in the mail. There are many make your own book kits available today.

7. Makeup Labs

Everyone knows a little girl that loves to play with makeup. Some fun nail polish or intro makeup kits are always a lot of fun. Some labs are available today that help little girls make their own!
8.  Science Equipment
Maybe it’s time she started practicing her skills in medicine? If she is fascinated with the field of health care, it could be time for her first stethoscope, where she can hear her own heartbeat, and yours!

9.  Anything Elsa

The Frozen franchise is not going to Let It Go anytime soon. Any merchandise of the Frozen franchise is going to be loved by most young ladies. A 10 best gift ideas for your six-year-old daughter would not be complete without this.

10.  A Princess Castle!

There are few young ladies who wouldn’t be thrilled to have her own castle to retire to when the 6-year-old life gets rough.

Emotional Factors that Determine the Value of Your Gift Treats

A gift to someone you love can have a great emotional impact on the relations between the two of you. Before getting into a hurry and buying the gift, you can think of the gift ideas which may be of help. Some of the important factors you have to consider could be

  • Recipient age and gender
  • Occasion of gift
  • Purpose of gift
  • Type and size of the gift
  • Value of gift
  • The durability of the gift, etc

Age and Gender

You can be specific about these two factors while selecting the gift. For example, your friend may have a child who is a baby, toddler, adolescent, teen, or youth. You can think of a gift which s/he may like. At the same time, it should be useful for the recipient. For example, you may consider

Food Gifts

Food gifts could be anything from a chocolate or ice cream to a pizza, burger, or a food gift treat at a restaurant. It is an occasion when the families of you and your friend enjoy the gift treat.

Useful Gadgets

You may think of the gadgets based on age and gender. A teenage boy or girl may like to have a cell-phone tablet PC or another electronic gadget. An adult may like to have a laptop. Or you may even think of an ear-phone which can be economical and useful to the recipient.

Art and Artifacts

You may think of buying an antique art, painting, or piece of artifact from the online store. Or you can visit the nearby craft shop and buy a gift treat.

Similarly, you can think of many other objects which can be given as a gift to your friend or his family members.

Occasion of Gift

The gift you choose for Christmas, New-year, birthday, anniversaries, and other occasions will be naturally unique. You can get the gift ideas based on your experience, spouse, son, friend, or anyone. Or you can search online and get the gift ideas.

Conventional Gifts

Conventional gifts have always been useful and simple. For example, you can consider a kitchen apron. It will be highly useful for women and men who work in their kitchen to prepare delicious foods. Similarly, you can find many such products as the baby cradles, cell phone holders, cloth hangers, and so on. These gifts are applicable for all occasions and useful for everyday life.

Unconventional Gifts

Unconventional gifts could be a friendship lamp, designer coffee mugs, crystal balls, Wine-Tote, and wine glasses, etc.

Purpose of Gift

The purpose of gift could be to foster your friendship, to develop professional relations if you’re into business like Concrete Pumping Brisbane and family relations, or any other. The gift ideas should match with the purpose perfectly. Then you can get the best gift you can ever think of.

Value of Gift

Always consider the emotional, spiritual, and the relational value of the gift treat. The aspect of money may come at the end or may not matter at all. The gift idea and the gift treat should enhance the bonding between you and the recipient for a lifetime.

Best Gift Ideas For your Friendship

Here are some best gift ideas for your best friend



These are the gifts for February 14th that every woman will love. Choose to assemble a kit between varnishes, lipsticks or shadows. Think of the color you like to choose shades in cosmetics. Without a doubt, this is an ideal gift among friends and family.


The gifts for more original men you find in a gadget. You can choose an electric shaver, a writing tablet or a Watch. If you realized that you want or need a technology accessory, do not hesitate to buy it. With this detail, you express your admiration for your work or your hobby.

Bouquet of flowers at home

It is one thing for you to give a bouquet of flowers and another to surprise her with flowers in her work. On this day of love and friendship, tell your wife or girlfriend that you admire her beauty with a bouquet of flowers at home. Find flower arrangements of natural designs and aromas at the best price in Send Flowers.


Everyone wants to give fragrances, but you are going to give him the latest version of his favorite scent. And if you do not have this information, bet on citrus essences or mannered collectibles. It is one of the gifts for Valentine that expresses the liking for his company, surely he would love to know that you chose him or her.


They are a symbol of love and friendship. The best ideas for February 14 can be found in charms, earrings or a necklace. They express the unconditional company and the perfect union. No rings are given at weddings. This gift is ideal for spouses and dear friends.


To say that you like his style and that you accept it as it is, giving clothes is the best option. Choose a t-shirt, sweater or accessory to complete your outfit. Make sure you choose what you like in terms of color and design. It is a perfect gift for friends, colleagues, and couples.

Baskets with surprise gifts

Find fun ideas in baskets with chocolates, stuffed animals, or balloons at the best price with the Send Flowers Coupon. As a final touch, add to your song a letter written by you that says everything you feel for that special person. He will die of love for you!


If you are still undecided and do not know what to give on February 14, think about accessories. A shoulder bag, sunglasses or a watch will never stay at home. You can add excitement to this gift with Valentine’s cards to show your admiration to your boyfriend or girlfriend.


Your best friend will thank you. A book is the best idea when you do not know what to choose among Valentine’s gifts. You can give away the genre that you like most like a novel, fiction or story. It’s an opportunity to let him know you remember him. You already have it. Think about what you want to say this day of love and friendship and celebrate together.